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June 26, 2012


Don’t Plan On

  • Yankee Easy Sugar
  • Hard Woman
  • Twenty Armed Men
  • Open Lands
  • Sixty Five Dove Street
  • Alone
  • Don't Plan On
  • Missy
  • Somatic Spirit
  • Penn Station

Rob Reinfurt – guitar, vocals, drums, bass & keys
John Murphy – drums & backing vocals
Mike Sasich – guitar, keys & bass

Mike Trioli – backing vocals on Penn Station
Darby Mest – vocals on Yankee Easy Sugar and Hard Woman
Nick Steffens – bass on Missy
Colin Robison – organ on Open Lands

All songs written and produced by Robert Reinfurt, BMI Music

Recorded at Spare Bedroom Studios and Man vs. Music Studio in Salt Lake City, UT
Mixed and Mastered by Mike Sasich @ Man vs. Music Studios.
Artwork by Phil Cannon

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